Complete Coding Sequences of Six Toscana Virus Strains Isolated from Human Patients in France Amal Baklouti · Isabelle Leparc-Goffart · Geraldine Piorkowski · Bruno Coutard · Nicolas Papageorgiou · Xavier De Lamballerie · Rémi N. Charrel
Genome Announcements 4(3):e00454-16 · June 2016

Structural characterization of the N-terminal part of the MERS-CoV nucleocapsid by X-ray diffraction and small-angle X-ray scatteringarticle, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Julie Lichière, Amal Baklouti, François Ferron, Marion Sevajol, Bruno Canard, Bruno Coutard
Acta Crystallographica Section D, Vol 72, Part 2, (2016), 192-202

Complete Coding Sequences of Three Toscana Virus Strains Isolated from Sandflies in France Amal Baklouti, Isabelle Leparc Goffard, Geraldine Piorkowski, Bruno Coutard, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Xavier De Lamballerie, Remi N. Charrel
Genome Announcements 4(1):e01676-15, February 2016

NMR study of non-structural proteins—part II: 1H, 13C, 15N backbone and side-chain resonance assignment of macro domain from Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) Garyfallia I. Makrynitsa, Dioni Ntonti, Konstantinos D. Marousis, Aikaterini C. Tsika, Julie Lichière, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Bruno Coutard, Detlef Bentrop, Georgios A. Spyroulias
Biomolecular NMR Assignments October 2015, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 247-251

NMR study of non-structural protein - part I: 1H, 13C, 15N backbone and side-chain resonance assignment of macro domain from Mayaro virus (MAYV), Efstathios Melekis, Aikaterini Tsika, Julie Lichiere, Christos T. Chasapis, Irene Margiolaki, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Bruno Coutard, Detlef Bentrop, Georgios A.Spyroulias
Biomolecular NMR Assignments April 2015, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 191-195

Coiled-coil deformations in crystal structures: the measles virus phosphoprotein multimerization domain as an illustrative example David Blocquel, Johnny Habchi, Eric Durand, Marion Sevajol, FrançŤois Ferron, Jenny Erales, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Sonia Longhi
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Atomic Resolution Description of the Interaction between the Nucleoprotein and Phosphoprotein of Hendra Virus. Communie G, Habchi J, Yabukarski F, Blocquel D, Schneider R, et al. (2013)
PLoS Pathogenes (2013) 9(9): e1003631. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1003631

Crystal Structure and Functional Analysis of the SARS-Coronavirus RNA Cap 2Â’-O- Methyltransferase nsp10/nsp16 Complex. Etienne Decroly, Claire Debarnot, François Ferron, Mickael Bouvet, Bruno Coutard, Isabelle Imbert, Laure Gluais, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Andrew Sharff, GĂ©rard Bricogne, Miguel Ortiz-Lombardia, Julien Lescar, and Bruno Canard
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Picornavirus non-structural proteins as targets for new anti-virals with broad activity. (2011) Norder H, De Palma AM, Selisko B, Costenaro L, Papageorgiou N , Arnan C, Coutard B, Lantez V, De Lamballerie X, Baronti C, Sola M, Tan J, Neyts J, Canard B, Coll M, Gorbalenya AE, Hilgenfeld
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Une organisation hexamerique pour la proteine 2C de l'echovirus 30 Nicolas Papageorgiou, Bruno Coutard, Violaine Lantez, Xavier de Lamballerie, Bruno Canard
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Crystallization and diffraction analysis of the SARS coronavirus nsp10/nsp16 complex Claire Debarnot, Isabelle Imbert, Francois Ferron, Laure Gluais, Isabelle Varlet, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Mickael Bouvet, Julien Lescar, Etienne Decroly and Bruno Canard
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Preliminary insights into the non structural protein 3 macro domain of the Mayaro virus by powder diffraction Nicolas Papageorgiou, Yves Watier, Lucy Saunders, Bruno Coutard, Violaine Lantez, Ernest A. Gould, Andrew N. Fitch, Jonathan P. Wright, Bruno Canard & Irene Margiolaki
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The 2C putative helicase of echovirus 30 adopts an hexameric ring-shaped structure Nicolas Papageorgiou, Bruno Coutard, Violaine Lantez, Eric Gautron, Olivier Chauvet, Cécile Baronti, HelĂ©ne Norder, Xavier de Lamballerie, Vasile Heresanu, Ferté Nathalie, Stéphane Veesler, Alexander E. Gorbalenya, Bruno Canard
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The Crystal Structures of Chikungunya and Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus nsP3 Macro Domains Define a Conserved Adenosine Binding Pocket Malet H, Coutard B, Jamal S, Dutartre H, Papageorgiou N , Neuvonen M, Ahola T, Forrester N, Gould EA, Lafitte D, Ferron F, Lescar J, de Lamballerie X, Canard B
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